What is the Difference Between a Seamless and a Seamed vent?

Envisivent specializes in making premium flush mounted air return, air supply, exhaust fan covers and access panels for any home or commercial space. However, the unique aspect of the Envisivent product line is that they come in two different styles to fit your design preference.

Seamless Vents 

Envisivent offers air return vents that feature a design with no seam around the free-floating grill pattern, creating a stunning seamless feature on any wall. The non-removable air return vent is created to be moisture, mold and water resistant, that is completely primed and ready to print. Simply tape, mud, sand and paint - it’s that simple. The seamless design offers a contemporary finish to any room in your home or commercial building, creating a fresh take on an out-dated air return vent. Available in 14” x 8” and 30” x 8”. Envisivent also offers custom sizes! Interested in creating your own? Simply click here to fill out our Custom Order Form. 

Seamed Vents, Covers and Panels

Available in air supply vents, air return vents, bathroom exhaust fan covers and access panels, the seamed Envisivent product line features a completely removable front, utilizing advanced magnetic technology. Creating a seamed design for a more classic aesthetic, without the bulk of plastic or the hindrance of using visible screws. Similar to the Seamless air return vents, the seamed vents and covers are designed to be moisture, mold and water resistant, completely primed and ready to paint any colour. Simply tape, mud, sand and paint your desired colours. Whether you choose bold teals or subdued neutrals, you can paint directly over the vent to blend into any wall or ceiling. The seamed vents feature angled slots that obscure the ability to see inside of the wall cavity or boot duct, beautifully blending unsightly viewpoints behind the wall. Many sizes to choose from, however we also over custom sizes with a maximum size of 48” x 48”. Get rid of hideous plastic panel covers with spring backs that don’t always fit properly once opened or plastic vent covers that protrude from the wall creating an eye sore to a stunningly designed room. Various sizes, depending on type. 

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Unlike other vent covers on the market, Envisivent products effortlessly upgrade your vents with a seamless or seamed finish that blends into interior walls or ceiling without compromising your HVAC systems with air flow restrictions. Creating zero whistling noise emissions, all while maximizing airflow. The biggest difference with Envisivent products and the competition, besides our competitive pricing, is that you do not need to cut into the studs in order for our products to fit. Unlike other competitor brands, Envisivent is the same thickness as the drywall, fitting perfectly where needed. No notching required, making it easier to install and a time saver for contractors and home owners. 

Envisvent is the new standard in air return vents, air supply vents, bathroom exhaust fan covers and access panels. 100% Canadian made and offers shipping to both Canada and the United States.