Q: What type of vents does Envisivent offer?
A: Envisivent specializes in making premium flush mount air return vents, air supply vents, bathroom exhaust fan covers and access panels for any home or commercial space.

Q: Do the vents have a manufacturer warranty?
A: We have a 100% warranty for manufacturer defects. 

Q: Does Envisivent offer custom vent size options?
A: Yes! We can make custom sizes to suit your specific requirements. Click here for the Custom Order form to get your free quote today.
*Note, you cannot return a custom order item for a refund/exchange. 

Q: What is the lead time for custom vents? 
A: Typically, the lead time is about 4-5 weeks. 

Q: Where are Envisvent vents made?
A: Envisivent is 100% Canadian made and offers shipping to both Canada and the United States.

Q: Is there a minimum number of vents that I must order? 
A: No. You can order as little as one vent or as many as you wish provided we have stock availability. 



Q: Can I use an air filter with your air return vents?
A: Yes you can, we offer a filter housing clip set on our accessories section that you can purchase for any Envisivent removable air return vents. The set is available in 2 sizes: 1” and 2”, which you can find here.
*If you require a custom solutions please contact us or fill in our Custom Order form

Q: Do Envisivent vents provide sufficient  airflow?
A: Envisivent vents maximizes air flow, preventing additional stress on your HVAC system that happens due to air flow restrictions. You can view our Air Flow data here

Q: When installing an Envisivent vent, do you need to make adjustments to the studs?
A: NO! Envisivent vent covers fit the depth of standard drywall which means no additional work is required to notch the studs to fit the vent cover depth, saving you time and labour costs.

Q: How many screws or nails are required to fasten the vent in place?
A: Every 6" to 8" minimum. Screws must be countersunk. 

Q: What kind of screw do I use to install the vent?
A: You can use a minimum length of 1 ¼” fine thread drywall screw.

Q: Should I predrill holes before installing the screws through the vent?
A: Yes, you must pre drill the holes so that you can countersink the screw.

Q: What drywall compound do you use to install the vent?
A: It is recommended to use Dura90 for the first coat (as per installation instructions). After that you can use All Purpose or Finishing Mud. 

Q: What happens if I get mud on my vent?
A: If you get mud on your vent it can easily be sanded off as the vent is made of a triple fibre cement board which is much harder than the mud and should not be damaged by any sanding. 

Q: How easy is it to paint the vents?
A: The vents come primed and ready to paint. Once mounted, simply tape, mud, sand (repeat to desired finish) and then paint your desired colour for a seamless blend  into any wall or ceiling. *it’s recommended to paint removable vent covers separately*

Q: How do you know what size to select?
A: Please refer to our sizing guide for additional information to help you determine which Envisivent product is best suited to your needs. 



Q: What material are the vents made out of?
A: The vents are made in our Eco-friendly manufacturing warehouse, from a triple fibre cement board that is moisture, mold, and water resistant and non-hazardous. They can be submerged in water, taken out to dry and will not warp or lose any structural integrity. The vents are fire resistant as they are made from  a triple fibre cement board that will not burn or promote combustion. 

Q: Do the Envisivent Air Returns hide the wall cavity behind the vent?
A: Yes! Due to the angle at which the vents are placed, the air return vents conceal the wall cavity behind the duct vent from plain view. 

Q: What is the difference between a permanent (seamless) vent and a removable (seamed) vent?
A: The non-removable air return vent features a design with no seam around the free-floating grill pattern, creating a stunning seamless feature on any wall. The air supply vents, air return vents, bathroom exhaust fan covers and access panels feature a seamed finish with a completely removable front, utilizing innovative magnetic technology. The visual design creates a seamed design (thin linear line around the vent) for a more classic aesthetic, without the bulk of plastic or the hindrance of using visible screws.