Q: How many screws or nails are required to fasten the air return vent in place?

A: Every 6" to 8" minimum. Screws must be countersunk. 

Q: What kind of screw do I use to install the vent? 

A: You can use a minimum length of 1 ¼” fine thread drywall screw.

Q: Should I predrill holes before installing the screws through the vent? 

A: Yes, you must predrill the holes so that you can countersink the screw.

Q: What happens if my vent gets cracked or chipped?

A: Simply cover the crack/chip with a thick layer of drywall compound and place the mesh tape over top and finish as you would normally.

Q: What drywall compound do you use to install the air return vent?

A: You should use Dura90 for the first coat (as per installation instructions). After that you can use All Purpose or Finishing Mud. 

Q: Do the air return vents have a manufacturer warranty?

A: We have a 100% warranty for manufacturer defects. 

Q: Are custom sizes available?

A: Yes. We can make custom sizes. We would require your dimensions and quantity before being able to provide a quote. You cannot return a custom order item for a refund/exchange. 

Q: What are the air return vents made out of? 

A: The vents are made from a triple fibre cement board. 

Q: How easy is it to paint the air return vents? 

A: The vents are made to accept primer and paint thereby allowing them to blend seamlessly into any wall or ceiling, depending on which vent you are using. 

Q: Are the air return vents waterproof? 

A: The vents are water resistant. They can be submerged in water, taken out to dry and will not warp or lose any structural integrity. 

Q: Are the air return vents fireproof?

A: The vents are fire resistant as they are made of a triple fibre cement board that will not burn or promote combustion. 

Q: What happens if I get mud on my air return vent? 

A: If you get mud on the air return vent it can easily be sanded off as the vent is made of a triple fibre cement board which is much harder than the mud and should not be damaged by any sanding. 

A: Is there a minimum number of air return vents that I must order?

Q: No. You can order as little as one vent or as many as you wish provided we have stock availability. 

Q: Can I get a sample air return vent sent to me? 

A: Unfortunately we do not have samples available, however, you can order just one vent if you prefer.